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Thanks For Being A Click Traffic Cyclone Member! It's Important You Watch all The Entire Videos So That You Submit Your URL Correctly. 
In this video you will learn the overview of how we will be setting up your link to the rotator and how everything will flow together to make sure your seeing the clicks from traffic hitting your link everyday on autopilot.
If you want more strategies, Tips & Tricks Or have any questions add me below!
Here's How To Start Getting Traffic With Click Traffic Cyclone.

Step 1:  Watch the video above for instructions on how to make the most of Click Traffic Cyclone.

Step 2:  Once you have your URL and you're sure it's working correctly, send an email to Support @ with your URL and the subject line:  
"New Click Traffic Cyclone Member".  
Remember, this audience is mainly interested in MMO/Biz Opp/MLM and Crypto offers. is our support email.  If you ever need to reach support in the future, you must use this email address.

* It's extremely important that when you send this email, you send it from the email address you used when purchasing from Warrior Plus.  It's how I verify that you have actually purchased.

If you purchased the upgrade and got an extra spot in the rotator please let me know so I can confirm That It Is You.

Feel free to submit a tracking link that you can change from your side.  This way you will never have to send in a support email to change your link, you can just do it yourself whenever you want :)

That's it!  I'll take it from there. Please allow 24-48 hours to be added to the rotator.  You'll get a reply to your email when we have you added.  

*Note* It's best if you don't submit your Click Traffic Cyclone affiliate link for me to put in the rotator. Remember, a large amount of clicks will be coming from paid Click Traffic Cyclone members, so it wouldn't make sense to promote Click Traffic Cyclone to members who have already joined.
Use This Rotator Site its FREE to join you Do NOT need to Upgrade to use these Rotator site & URL Trackers.  
We recommend Using Hits Connect or Leadsleap link tracker both work awesome!
Our Community will continue to grow and membership will be updated from time to time!
Thank You For Being a Click Traffic Cyclone Member!

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In this video you will learn to grab your share of the Cash Grab! by promoting Click Traffic Cyclone as an affiliate. It's pretty straight forward and will take you just a few minutes to get it all set up.
Recurring meaning you will get paid monthly! Cha-Ching!  "C.R.E.A.M Get The Money Dolla Dolla Bill Yawl!"
Any Questions or issues Contact Support at 
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In this video you will learn Where To Join Our Facebook Group For Click Traffic Cyclone There In The Group You Will Be Able To Get Your Questions Answered Or Issues. Plus As A Member You Will Be Able to Chat with Like minded People And Show Your Results With The Click Traffic Cyclone.
Must Be a Click Traffic Cyclone Member To Join questionnaire will be needed during Group request.
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You will be able to partner with me as I show over the shoulder as to how I grew my business Click Traffic Cyclone nothing will be hidden all my business will be partnering together and having 1 on 1 calls setting up the pages, creating the logo and setting up the funnel PLUS I give YOU my traffic blueprint so you never stuck figuring this out or starting from the bottom like I did.
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Many Members  have been having issues posting there affiliate links for click Traffic Cyclone on curtain sites that makes the site have frame issues so I went ahead and created an alterative capture page so you can use this for building your  email lists and bypass any issues you may have using  your affiliate link( You Must Have Leads Leap To Import The Code It Is Free To Join 
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